Client Benefits


Local Expertise & International Access


International Standards

Alignment of Interests


Cedar Hill is independent, which means that our Client retains operational control of the fund manager. Cedar Hill, with the agreement of the Client often participates in the Fund Manager role.

Cedar Hill understands that the client has the best understanding of its markets and Cedar Hill marries that local knowledge to international best practice in funds management operations, so that the new Investment Fund and Fund manager are viable and credible with access to local and international investors.

Our Team has the experience and the commitment to our clients, to provide practical services to implement Investment Funds.  Cedar Hill’s senior staff have hands on experience at operational, managerial and Board levels, giving them a comprehensive view of industry needs.  Our principals have experience in many countries and market conditions, and respect the unique nature of different cultures, practices and markets.

We use and recommend a disciplined approach based on industry leading practices in managing funds and identifying, measuring and managing risks in investment opportunities. This approach helps to minimise under performing investments, promotes consistent returns and meets regulatory and investor requirements in global markets.

Working with clients means keeping them informed  not only about what we are doing, but why we are doing it.  We commit to training operational and strategic managers and to establishing Board level systems for monitoring progress, maintaining compliance standards, and building manageable growth.

We understand that success in a Client’s investment management group is only sustainable when the interests of Cedar Hill are aligned with clients interests.  We form long term relationships with our clients and work with them until their goals are met. Cedar Hill is alongside the Client throughout the development, implementation and operational phase of the proposed Investment Fund

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