Finance Packaging

Financial Packaging involves defining the objectives and constraints of a debt or equity finance package, structuring the commercial, legal and tax components of the package and working with our client to determine the best way to implement the desired finance package for the project.

Often Cedar Hill is invited by the Client at an earlier stage to assist in scoping the issues relevant to the fund raising.  Issues include not only the actual funding and its timing but also identifying commercial and legal/regulatory constraints relevant to the client in raising funds.   This is always done with the proper professional advice of appropriate, legal, tax and accounting advisers, co-ordinated by Cedar Hill.

These commercial, technical, legal and tax matters are brought into focus with market considerations.   Cedar Hill in conjunction with its client, explores the availability of funds and terms that are available.

Considering all these matters, Cedar Hill advises its Client on a package of funding that best suits the Client's needs, taking into account the Clients objectives and constraints, as well as the markets constraints and then of course legal and regulatory boundaries.

In implementing the agreed funding package, Cedar Hill may then arrange the funding from debt or equity providers.

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