Property Finance Packaging - Case Study

An International technology  company in Sydney grew through acquisitions until its operations were spread over 13 different sites within a 30 kilometre radius.  Not only was this inefficient, it did not foster the co-operation and synergies that the company had factored into the acquisitions.  Clearly putting all operations under one roof was the answer.

We worked with the client’s senior management to explore the options of developing their own premises, leasing existing premises or commissioning a development from a third party developer. 

We also worked on in internal process to determine the best location for the new offices.  After an extensive consultation exercise it was decided to locate in a popular office park outside the CBD.  The design of the consultation exercise and the formalised decision making process used to select the final location, was accepted by all the diverse stakeholders from the variety of locations, making the integration of the disparate businesses much easier.  In fact, the executives at the client’s head office were so impressed with the outcome that they adopted Cedar Hill’s methodology as the standard for their global operations.

Following extensive analysis and with the help of a stochastic financial model, it was decided to commission a development from a third party developer.  Cedar Hill worked with the client to define the best finance package and then worked with a team of lawyers and accountants to structure the funding in a tax effective manner.

This example shows how Cedar Hill’s combination of property skills and finance skills enabled the client to achieve a better than planned outcome.

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